The First Avenger Comic Book

Captain America: The First Avenger is among the comic book adaptations that has proved successful in the comic series. The film itself is impressive, and includes nice special effects and scenes of action. The movie tells Steve Rogers’ story, as well as how he became part of the Marvel Universe. Also, we witness his evolution into a hero through the film. The First Avenger is a fun film that a lot of people loved, however it did come with its faults. Let’s look at the flaws…

It’s clear immediately that The First Avenger is going to be one with an extremely patriotic view. The character is averse to America and is determined to see it fail in the belief that America is in danger of being replaced by a different terrorist group. This definitely is a significant aspect of the plot, and with a story like this one, it’s important to keep the antagonists as close to the plot, to be able to see how their motives are connected to a larger concept. However, some of the patriotism shown in The First Avenger is a bit over the top, and little over the top to its own benefit. One scene, after Bucky locates the dagger that killed his parents, he takes it home telling the audience “This is the weapon that is going to kill America.”

This could easily be taken out of any James Bond movie, where Bond is killed by a group of criminals to help combating evil. Rogers is in fact shouting hatred at every villain he encounters in comics, especially the first pages. Rogers is shouting at everyone that he meets doesn’t do much to help. The First Avenger is not a comedy that is a lot of fun which is why there’s no reason to take its patriotism as seriously.

Another issue I’m having with the movie is that none of the characters featured in the comic are ever dead. This can be done with the help of bodies count. Bucky is shot by a shooter and his friend follows him to get hit. Yet, no blood is visible on Bucky’s body, however, he’s breathing. The easiest way to accomplish this is using the formula used in comic books of comic book deaths, in which an elderly soldier plunges off a mountain in order to be buried to a very painful death.

This is my favorite part of the story which is why this book is appropriate for comic books. But, this is somewhat over the top, especially at the beginning of the story. Sure, Rogers died, but the fact is that he was killed by a sniper. This can be just about anyone. He was killed by the Winter Soldier with a repulsor rifle, but it didn’t shoot. The Winter Soldier was able to use his cloak in order to defend himself. He didn’t really fall from the skies. That’s why I believe that the Winter Soldier is way cooler than Bucky, because he didn’t necessarily die during the combat.

Another thing that’s wrong with the murder is that Cap does not seem to be able to recall all that happened. The man doesn’t know Bucky to begin with, and doesn’t know where he’s been. It’s likely that Cap likely was under the influence drugs and alcohol. He was reeling after getting shot by a gunman. กัปตันอเมริกา อเวนเจอร์ที่ 1 He didn’t know Bucky or their location.

The tale of Cap’s is likely to be among the most poignant that we’ve read in the contemporary age of comics. Cap is a man who has been stuck in the limbo of his youth, isn’t sure of his history. Even though he’s determined to return home, he’s sure that his father will be fighting for him. He would rather not be without his father and sets off on an adventurous search to determine who is.

The First Avenger comic book series isn’t as popular as the second, or third books. Its popularity isn’t as high as the fourth or third Avenger comic books. It’s still a fantastic comic book , and one that every Marvel reader should check out. I would recommend reading it.