A Brief Introduction to Architecture

Architecture is the process of creating and the discipline of designing, building and planning buildings, or any other structures. Architectural projects, at the most basic of forms, such as houses, are viewed as cultural statements and as art. Thais see architecture as having five essential elements. The five elements are sun, water, wind, and wood. A Thai architect is required to combine these elements in a harmonious way to create a building that reflects and supports their culture and natural surroundings.

As you continue reading, you will come to discover that there are numerous other aspects of architecture that work in hand with these main 5. These include space, form and color, as well as line and form. This article will provide a detailed explanation of the role each element plays in architecture.

Space The space in which an architecture project will be situated is called its spatial environment. Spatial environments are extremely important in any urban design or planning project since the appearance of a city is largely dependent on how it integrates space into its overall design. Examples of such projects include New York, London, Rome, Tokyo, and Rome. The main objective of modern architecture is to offer as much usable area as is possible within the building.

Line Art One could consider line art to be architecture’s wallpaper. In other terms when an architect designs a building, he usually draws an outline from one point to to define the outline of the structure. After drawing out the outline of the structure, the architect will need to combine his artwork with the surrounding landscape. After the artwork is blended with the surrounding landscape the architect will have to edit any source documents supplied by the client so that the design and the landscape match. The profession of architect is important because clients wouldn’t be able to determine what kind of architecture was being constructed without the ability to edit source documents.

Architectural Design is a broad subject that encompasses interior design, construction, architecture and landscape architecture. Landscape architecture, on the other hand, is the creation of the built environment that is built upon analysis and research of the natural landscape. Landscape architecture is used to design bridges, buildings and plazas, roads, streets, sewers, and other things. It differs from architectural design, which is a much smaller discipline. Urban planners and engineers design cities while landscape architects create the landscape.

A beautiful object is one that are designed to entice the eye or behold. Sometimes, aesthetic architecture is also called visual art since the architect usually adds a visual effect to his work. It could be in the form of physical gardens, a collection of monumental statues, a building’s exterior or something different. The ancients were conscious of the aesthetics of architecture and even created their own aesthetic architectural works.

Interiors Of a typical structure that includes ceilings, floors, walls, windows, doors, and other elements of the interior are all essential to create an architectural interior. This aspect of architecture is generally called exterior architecture. A typical home or structure for a building will be constructed using glass, wood, stone or any other material, while the exteriors are made of concrete, bricks, tiles, marble, tiles, or different kinds of material. In the case of buildings for instance, the interior of the walls windows, roofs, stairs, hallways, and basements are typically made composed of plaster, while the exteriors are made composed of ceramic, brick, stone, gypsum or any other material.

Architectural forms are preserved. The Paleolithic period of prehistory is the time that the oldest architectural designs can be found. This period saw a limited amount of art, mostly statuary and decorative artifacts. Houses like the Stone Age house in Knai, Easterson’s Knoll, or the Vendelaria Palace in Knai show the architectural excellence of this period. architecture Modern architecture on the other hand, has evolved from the time of the modern age. It displays a wide variety of styles and architectural forms.